If you were waiting for some low-poly space exploration in Morphite, you’re going to have to wait a couple more weeks before you get digging.

Indie game of space and planetary exploration Morphite has been pushed back. Originally scheduled to release on 7th September, it will now release on 20th September instead. The 13-day delay has no specific reason, other than “unforeseen circumstances“.

We had a look at Morphite last month, when the original release date was announced. The game follows explorer Myrah Kale, who is on a simple mission that soon turns not-very-simple and culminates in her looking for a mysterious substance called morphite. Along the way, you’ll learn more about her mysterious past and of course, explore a whole bunch of planets in a procedurally-generated universe.

Don’t let the low-polygon look fool you: Morphite has a lot of ambition with what it wants to do. You’ll be flying in space, cruising on planets, upgrading your craft, first-person shooting, platforming, taking part in space battles, researching and gathering resources, all while progressing in a fully-voiced story. There’s no multiplayer in the game, so Kale’s adventure will be strictly solo.

Here’s the newest trailer for the game. Do keep in mind that it still bears the old release date for the game, however.

The game is a collaboration between three studios: New York-based Crescent Moon Games, Minneapolis-based We’re Five Games and Sidney-based Blowfish Studios. A game with so many diverse things to do should similarly have rather diverse inspirations. The devs cite Metroid Prime, Ratchet and Clank, and Turok as influences on the game.

Morphite will release on Steam (PC, Mac, Linux), PS4, Xbox One, Switch and iOS.

Speaking of No Man’s Sky, the game just got a really big update recently that added story content and rudimentary multiplayer, amongst other features. For more low-poly flying and exploration, check out AER – Memories of Old.

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