No Time to Relax is a life simulation game for up to 4 players; now on Kickstarter

In No Time to Relax, you must get an education, a career, and sweet materialistic success, all while competing against other players (or the computer).

If you're of a certain age, you'll remember that in the 80s and 90s, there was an entire genre of games dedicated to simulating everyday life. These 'life simulation' games took inspiration from such board games as The Game of Life (including the actual video game adaptation of that board game). The genre quietly disappeared at a time when even strategy and management games were getting marginalised. Perhaps indies can spark a revival? If so, the vanguard would be No Time to Relax, which is slated to release in a few months. In No Time to Relax, you must juggle your cash, education, well-being, and career. You're not alone in this, as you'll have to compete with other players, controlled by either your friends or the computer. Along the way, you must purchase material comforts and upgrade your lifestyle. You can customise your character as well. Although the game is on Kickstarter now, it's actually mostly done. Beta keys for the game will be sent out to backers in December, pledge goals are scheduled to be sent out in January 2019, and the game itself will launch sometime in February 2019. The developers, as you can see, have no time to relax. No Time to Relax is being developed in Iceland by studio Porcelain Fortress. It is scheduled for release on PC and Mac. The game might also be released on other consoles in the future. Have a look at the official website here. If you prefer death simulation to life simulation, have a look at Graveyard Keeper's new DLC, "Breaking Dead". Maybe you'll also like CardLife, a survival game made of cardboard.

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