Overcome has you beating foes without fighting them; releases in February

Inspired by the developer's own experiences, Overcome is an expressly pacifist platformer. It's coming to PC via Steam next month.

Overcome looks fairly simple, but it's layered with deep messages and metaphors. In it, you play as an adorable heart of pixels and attempt to overcome the demons of your mind. Unlike most video games, you won't find any weapons here, though. Instead, you have to make adroit use of your shield to block enemy attacks, as well as doge and jump a lot. Your foes include the likes of hearts with demonic horns, which is pretty metal. The game was made over a course of six months, and it's inspired by the developer's own difficulties. The one-man Overcome Studios consists of New Delhi-based Kabir Lal, who based the game on his experiences battling cancer and finishing his CS degree all at once, as well as going through a break up later. This is Lal's debut game, and he has been responsible for its design, art, and programming. The game is set to release sometime in February, exclusively for PC. Have a look at the recently released announcement trailer below: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jXdid4NsqWw The game features four levels, which are described as 'extremely challenging'. There's no word on how long the levels are, but you can expect to die a bunch of times before you overcome the game's challenges. Yes, thank you for seeing what I did there. For more information on the game, check out its official website here. It's not up on Steam yet, but it should be soon. You can, however, join the game's official Discord server over at the official website and follow the developer on Twitter here. If you prefer platformers without all theĀ  love and peace, consider swinging a giant sword in JackQuest: The Tale of the Sword. Also consider cheating death itself in Rage in Peace.

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