After five years of development by the one-man-team at Atmos Games, the melancholy adventure Pinstripe finally has a release date. Here’s a new trailer.

Video games quite love being going to hell. We’ve seen some rather interesting takes on Hell, including some quite impressively hideous ones, but Pinstripe offers a version of Hell that makes me less terrified and more just really sad. In Pinstripe, you play as an ex-minister looking for his daughter Bo in this wistful version on Hell.

That does sound like something I’d do if when I end up in hell—look for people I know (though hopefully not a daughter). However, the hero of this one, Teddy, is chasing down the entity that’s kidnapped his daughter. That would be the demonic and generally nasty-seeming person… thing… called Pinstripe.

Pinstripe looks impressive enough as it is with its fantastical, 19th century-themed art style, but the game is made particularly impressive when you realise that excluding the voice acting, the game was made by one man. The game’s developer, Thomas Brush, was responsible for the game’s design, music and art. I’m not sure if I can manage one of those, let alone all of them. The one-man-team took five years to make it this far, including a Kickstarter last year. It was funded within a single day.

Now, Pinstripe nearly ready for release. Here’s a launch trailer to celebrate!

While Brush hasn’t done the voice acting by himself, he did get prominent YouTubers to provide voices. Included in the cast are Dan Avidan, Nathan Sharp and Pewdiepie. The latter’s work for the game was presumably done before his love for anti-Semitic jokes became more widely known.

Pinstripe is being published by Armor Games and will release on 25th April 2017. It’s releasing only on Steam for now, across PC, Mac and Linux.

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