Playdead’s Inside and Limbo are releasing on Switch later this month

Guide young boys through horrific and hostile worlds in Playdead’s indie classics Inside and Limbo, which will soon be playable on the Nintendo Switch.

Danish studio Playdead is composed of talented game developers, all of whom have agreed that the only stories worth telling are ones that involve little boys and the many horrible ways they can die. But blimey, are these games terrific or what? Limbo and Inside, both of which have earned considerable acclaim from critics and players alike, will release on Switch on 28th June. It will be a worldwide release, so you’re good to go so long as you have a Switch and an internet connection.

Limbo, Playdead’s first game, is a dark adventure starring a boy looking for his missing sister in a hostile world that’s most likely, well, limbo. Environmental hazards aren’t the only danger he faces—he’ll also have to overcome challenges from the hostile denizens of purgatory. Apart from its strong direction, Limbo is renowned for its black-and-white graphics. If ever there was a game that perfectly evoked 1920s German Expressionism, this is it.

Have a look at the trailer:

Inside was Playdead’s second venture, and it’s pretty much a spiritual successor to their first game. Once again, you control a boy, in a world that’s out to get you in as many ways as it can. This time, the protagonist is looking to solve the mystery of strange, mind-controlled people. There’s more I can say, but this is a game that’s really best experienced on your own.

It’s best if you checked out the announcement trailer yourself:

Check out the official pages for Inside here, and Limbo here.

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