Pre-Civilization Egypt simulates the birth of history

There is a little kid in everybody that gets excited when the topic of ancient Egypt is brought up. We have all been introduced at an early age to the enduring legacy of the pyramids and the mystery shrouding Egypt’s ancient civilization. To a history nerd like myself, ancient Egypt is also significant because it was one of the earliest known civilizations to develop an ability to write, and therefore, create history. Pre-Civilization Egypt looks to portray an informative and educational gameplay experience of this mysterious past.

Pre-Civilization Egypt takes place in 5000BC and gives the responsibility to the player to guide the Egyptians through 2000 years of history, braving hardships, enduring power struggles, and enjoying periods of prosperity. There are over 100 events and trials from Egypt’s history that the player experiences, which requires them to adjust their game style in order to succeed. This includes dealing with wars, droughts, invasions, epidemics, religious ceremonies and many other historically accurate events.

The game’s gameplay is turn-based strategy in the spirit of Sid Meier’s Civilization franchise. However, instead of having a randomly generated world map, the player will experience a reconstructed map of Ancient Egypt. This includes climatic changes that took place when the Sahara was a Savannah and not a desert.

Pre-Civilization Egypt Trailer

Over the course of the play-through the player will be able to construct the ancient city of Hierakonpolis. The city is depicted from accurate archaeological reconstructions and will constitute real excavated houses, temples and tombs. Moreover, in Pre-Civilization Egypt the player will experience the technological evolution of mankind. There are 48 historically accurate technologies and cultural achievements that the player can apply to their civilization.

Whilst Pre-Civilization Egypt is not the first game to tout historical accuracy in its gameplay (the Total War franchise has also achieved this) it is the first game to explore Egypt’s ancient history in such great detail. It is a welcome retrospective addition to a gaming industry that is always forward-looking.

To find out more visit the game’s website.

The game is currently available to download on Steam for PC and Mac.


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