Precipice is a game of Cold War strategy coming to Steam in May

The USA and the USSR are locked in a Cold War that can only be defused by diplomacy, subterfuge, or even war. Precipice puts all the options on the table.

The only winning move in Global Thermonuclear War might be not to play in the first place. But for everything leading up to that point? It’s all fair game! Precipice is a strategy game that lets you control either the United States or the Soviet Union as the two superpowers go up against each other in the Cold War.

Caught in the crossfire are dozens of world leaders, all of whom have been realised as animals native to or emblematic of their countries. Yes, France is a rooster.

While trying to avoid outright nuclear war, you will be doing your best to weaken the opposition. To do this, you can incite protests, fund guerillas, invade nations, deploy and assassinate agents, and so on.

The game is playable both singleplayer (vs an AI) and in multiplayer, against a single opponent. The developers tout the AI as particularly intelligent and able to deduce your personality, intentions, and strategy. It can probably even tell what colour underwear you wear.

According to the developer, the game will launch on 1st May. It will be available on Steam across PC, Mac, and Linux.

Here’s a trailer for the game:

If you’d rather stare at gameplay, there’s also some footage of how the game plays over here:

American developer Little Red Dog Games is self-publishing the game. The studio has previously developed the political strategy game Rogue State and the roguelike space sim Deep Sixed.

For more information on Precipice, have a look at the game’s page over at the developer’s website.

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