Refuge: Two players, one survivor. Outlive. Outlast. Outrun.

Refuge is a 2 player hide + seek survival game set on a mysterious settlement named ‘The Ark’. Will you hunt your opponent or attempt to out-survive them? The choice is yours.

The aim of Refuge is simple: to eliminate the other player. This is achievable in many ways – such as directly hunting them down or alternatively by out-surviving them…

Somewhere in the ocean there’s a place littered with the remains of a civilisation. You’ve been drawn to it your entire life without even knowing it existed. Every decision you ever made has led you to this place. This is the premise of Refuge.

The Ark has chosen you. 

A bizarre jumble of strange buildings which look like they have grown out of the rock rise up around you, both familiar and alien at the same time. The lights are on, but there’s nobody around – or at least that is what you think.

There is another being in this place. Only one of you can may find refuge here, the other must die.

…Is that someone there?

Refuge will be a 2 player survival game. Explore the lost civilisation, hide in buildings and caves, survive the harsh conditions and discover hidden secrets that can help you to uncover more about the mysterious Ark…

Beautiful lighting in a black and white world and dynamic weather will alter and change your journey on each play.

  • Battle against the hazards of the Ark – weather, temperature & supplies will affect the way you play the game, the risks you take, and the experience you have.
  • Explore the reaches of the Ark searching for gear – struggling to survive the dangerous setting whilst attempting to avoid (or hunt!) the other player.
  • Challenge the scenario. Will you risk your life to hunt the other player? Is your weapon powerful enough? or should you lay low and attempt to out survive them, the choice is yours.
  • Experience a rich world rife with mystery, hidden items and surprises. Uncover the truth about the Ark.

Refuge was inspired by all the games and films that have moved the developer, Fox Rogers, growing up – “I remember watching my first Studio Ghibli film and sitting in awe about how they made the atmosphere so charming and captivating – it was practically humming of mystery. It is moments like that along with many other moments playing game titles such as Journey, Myst, Bastion, Monument Valley, Limbo, Ico and many others that convinced me to attempt to make a beautiful experience of my own.

I grew up in a small village here in England – as a child I loved being outside. My friends and I would play a variation of hide and seek called “manhunt”, with almost no definable borders (some of us would run a mile or so away to the next village). When I was creating Refuge, I wanted to capture that feeling of anticipation – not knowing the tactics of the other players and deciding on your next move with bated breath.”

With a variety of projects ranging from downloadable digital art, to a statue of you being placed on the Ark, with many more, Refuge is a innovative game that is most definitely worth backing.

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