Shaun Michael K. Stone Ltd (SMKS) plans to launch mobile game Ronnie the Rooster on March 22nd.

Ronnie the Rooster is a mobile game designed to be enjoyable for both children and adults. It’s animated in a 2D cartoon style, designed to create a cute but clumsy protagonist in Ronnie and slightly fierce fox enemies. Players will have to pick up corn and bread along their way, without coming into contact with any obstacles such as holes, mud, and other animals. The game has over 50 levels, with more to come.

SMKS is named after Shaun Michael K. Stone, an independent developer from Kent.



  • 50 waves of increasing difficulty
  • A different skin for each season
  • Purchase limit to stop overspending

SMKS Ronnie the Rooster is set to be available on Google Play and the iTunes Store by Easter 2016. You can like and follow the game on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

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