Rag Doll Physics Meet Dinosaurs In Rox Fling

Mars on a Stick’s Rox Fling is now available on iTunes Store and Google Play.

Rox Fling is a physics based ‘fling em up.’ The game stars a caveman called Rox, in the midst of a very bad day. Players will be thrown across the tundra and bounced off dinosaurs to help Rox recover his stolen possessions. Players can compete against friends to see who can get the furthest by using dinosaurs as launch pads on their iOS and Android devices.

Mars on a Stick Ltd was founded in 2014 from former senior employees of such studios as Rockstar, Criterion, Activision, and Core. The team aims to develop content for a wide range of hardware platforms using reliable and rapid development techniques.

rox fling 1


  • Rag-doll physics
  • Upgradable character
  • A range of zany hats for customisation

Rox Fling is available to download for free on iTunes Store and Google Play. You can like and Follow Mars on a Stick on FacebookTwitter and YouTube.

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