After months of Early Access, Light Apprentice will release on PC and Mac in November. Here’s a look at comic book-RPG hybrid that lets you spare enemies.

Developer Amazu Media has announced that its comic book-RPG hybrid Light Apprentice will release on PC and Mac on 10th November. The release comes after months of being in Steam Early Access, and the game’s price will remain unchanged upon launch.

Here’s the plot:

When life in the world of Ethenia is threatened by the corruption of the Yhrosian Empire, a hero will rise to protect the planet and its people.

After having spent 300 years in a deep sleep, Nate wakes up to a world ravaged by war. The Planet’s environment is damaged and on the course to destruction. Only Nate and the 4 other last remaining Apprentices may have the key to restore balance to the Planet’s environment, thus saving the world.

Over the course of this adventure, which is presented as a comic book, the player will have to make important decisions about how Nate and his companions develop. Like the trailer showed, your choice of whether to attack or approach the blue slime thingie will have an impact on how your characters evolve.

Combat in the game is turn-based and gives off a very JRPG air. One interesting twist to the traditional RPG formula is that you can choose to spare your enemies, even bosses. The game is expected to clock in at 5-10 hours of gameplay.

The official website hints that this is only volume 1 of 3, so there’s certainly more where that came from. Volume 1 covers the first 4 chapters of the greater saga. You can check out the game over at Steam.

If turn-based RPGs are your thing, you might enjoy Divinity: Original Sin 2. Also have a look at Wargroove, which channels a mix of Fire Emblem and Advance Wars.

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