Over a year since its PS4 release, Salt and Sanctuary is making its way to the PS Vita. What’s more, you can grab it before the month ends. Here’s when.

It’s true, Dark Souls is coming at an end later this month with the release of the second DLC for Dark Souls III. That doesn’t have to spell the end for your Souls-esque adventures, however. The excellent Salt and Sanctuary, which is like a saltier, two-dimensional Dark Souls, is making its way to the PS Vita on the coming Tuesday, 28th March. Now you can die repeatedly to brutal bosses on your morning commute and suffer the mocks and jeers of your fellow commuters.

Salt and Sanctuary’s PS Vita version supports cross-buy. This means that if you own it already on the PS4, you also own it for the PS Vita, and don’t need to buy it separately. Conversely, buy it for the PS Vita, and you’ll be able to play it on the PS4 as well. The official PlayStation Blog post does not mention cross-saves, though, so your progress on each platform will stay separate.

The PS Vita version has been developed by Sickhead Games, who are also working on console ports of Stardew Valley and Darkest Dungeon. The husband-wife duo that made the game at Ska Studios have also added their personal touches to the PS Vita version, so there’s some assurance of quality there. Have a look at a trailer from last year (that promises a PS Vita version way back when).

Salt and Sanctuary is an action RPG with mechanics that closely resemble the Souls series of games. It also features a similar, mystically dark theme and atmosphere. The game was received well by critics, and holds a mighty 85 score on OpenCritic.

Salt and Sanctuary is also available on PS4, PC, Mac and Linux.

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