Satisfactory wasn’t satisfied with Steam, so now it’s on Epic Games Store. It’ll be in Early Access later this month, and you can pre-purchase it already.

Satisfactory is one of the most cleverly named games ever. It’s a game about making and managing sci-fi factories, you see. Satis-factory, get it? Yes? Alright, alright, fine. The game was announced at E3 last year with a vague ‘coming soon’ release window. Now we know that the game is indeed coming out… in Early Access… on Epic Games Store. What a journey.

When it was originally announced, Satisfactory was to release on Steam. Indeed, it had a full and proper store page on Steam until December last year. Now it’s on Epic Games Store. The game will launch in Early Access form on 19 March, but you can pre-purchase it already at $29.95 in the US and €29.99 in the Eurozone. Prices for other regions will likely vary, as Epic Games Store has very widespread regional pricing.

Check out the game at Epic Games Store here.

According to the developer, Satisfactory will likely stay in Early Access for a year or more. It will also likely be priced higher when the 1.0 version releases, but that’s not set in stone right now.

There’s a new trailer for the game to celebrate its Early Access launch. Have a look:

Satisfactory is being developed by Coffee Stain Studios, which is a subsidiary studio of the bigger outfit called Coffee Stain. They’re the ones responsible for Goat Simulator, as well the Sanctum games.

For more information on Satisfactory, including details on its Early Access launch, check out the official website here.

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