Shelter 3 announced for 2020 release; will let you play as an elephant

After a badger in the first game and a lynx in the second, you will be able to play as an elephant in Shelter 3. Here’s what we know about the game so far.

The Shelter series might be low-key one of the most poignant bunch of games to come out of the indie world. Series developer Might and Delight has announced that the next title in the series, Shelter 3, will release sometime in 2020. It will let you play as the most massive creature seen in the series so far: an elephant.

Here’s a little teaser trailer that shows how the game will look. It really seems to be in-line with the patterned, handcraft-y look of the previous Shelter games.

As is common with the Shelter series of games, your time as an elephant will focus on the social life of the magnificent creatures. Here’s a description of what to expect:

Playing as a part of a herd, you’ll enjoy the company of other elephants, large and small. Walk peacefully side-by-side with the elders, swim with the young, or delight in mischievous moments of baby elephants at play. Elephants thrive in a collective and so will you. Being in a herd means that you’ll be better protected against predators. You’ll also learn the wayfinding wisdom of the elders. But travelling together means there are many mouths to feed, and you must share resources and be constantly on the move to stay healthy.

So far the only platforms announced for Shelter 3 are PC, Mac, and Linux. There’s a Steam page up here, if you’re into that sort of thing (I know you are).

For more information on Shelter 3, have a look at the game’s page on the developer’s official website.

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