Battle territorial robot factions and uncover a science-fiction mystery when open-world first-person shooter The Signal from Tölva releases in early April.

It’s no secret that British developer Big Robot loves big robots. They named their studio that for a reason. Their first game, back in 2013, was Sir, You Are Being Hunted, a game about stealthily escaping British robots in British landscapes (some say it’s autobiographical). Now, Big Robot has their second game getting ready to launch in only a couple of weeks: The Signal from Tölva. And yes, it has big robots in it. A lot less of Britain, though.

Big Robot has announced that The Signal from Tölva is releasing on April 10th. Here’s a trailer full of some excellent laser zapping:

We last covered The Signal from Tölva when it was announced in August last year. Not a whole lot seems to have changed since then, which is a good thing, because the game is looking terrific so far. It’s set in a hand-crafted open world in the land of Tölva, where rival robot factions are trying to uncover the source of a mysterious signal. Apart from shooting the bearings off your robot foes, you can also hack them to join your cause.

The game promises some ‘intense skirmishing’ against ‘ferocious AI’ and territorial warfare, all wrapped up in a science-fiction mystery. Open world first-person shooters are particularly rare in the indie sector of the industry, so it remains to be seen how well The Signal from Tölva can match up to the AAA machine.

Presently, the game is only launching for PC. Linux and Mac versions of the game are under development, but they don’t have release dates yet. The Signal from Tölva has an official website here, a Steam page here and a page here.

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