If you’ve been waiting for Slime Rancher to move out of development and onto full release, that time is here. Prepare to ranch up some slimes.

In contrast to some games that take several years to crawl out of Early Access, Slime Rancher has completed its stint in a little over eighteen months. The game is finally out of development and has released on Steam and Xbox One with a thunderous Overwhelmingly Positive reputation on Steam.

In Slime Rancher, you take on the role of Beatrix LeBeau. Her job is to maintain a slime ranch on the Far, Far Range: a place that’s very, very far from Earth. Out there, you’ll find plenty of adorable slimes of many colours that you can wrangle and capture with your special vacuum gun. Apart from catching slimes, you’ll also have to take care of them and feed them. If you don’t feed them, they get jumpy.

Although the game is out, it will continue to receive content updates in the future. If you have been following the development and would like to know what exactly is in the 1.0.0 update (the full release version of the game), have a look at the change log posted here.

To celebrate the release, developer Monomi Park has released a launch trailer. It’s colourful and diverse and so adorably strange and… was that a basketball hoop? Right, it’s best you have a look yourself.

Slime Rancher is now available on Steam and Humble Store (PC, Mac, Linux) and Xbox One. You can try the game for free on Xbox One, or play a demo version over at Steam.

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