Songbird Symphony gets a catchy new gameplay trailer; release date set for July

Songbird Symphony stars an adorably musical bird and features platforming, puzzle, and rhythm elements. It will be out on PC, PS4, and Switch.

You’ll never convince me that “I Love to Singa” isn’t the best cartoon ever made. An adorable round bird singing away to his heart’s content? Yes, absolutely, sign me up. Songbird Symphony borrows a page of the music notes with its premise, which also has an adorable round bird singing away to his heart’s content. Yes, absolutely, sign me up.

Songbird Symphony is a rhythm-based puzzle platformer that puts you in the shoes of… well, there’s no shoes, but you’ll be playing as an orphaned chick named “Birb” as he seeks his true origins. It features delightfully bouncy animations rendered through a pixel art lens, and even boss battles to test your rhythmic mettle.

The soundtrack has an interesting twist to it as well, if this description is anything to go by:

Come to the aid of the creatures of the forest to find hidden musical notes scattered across the levels. Your good deeds will release extra layers of beats that will blend harmoniously with the soundtrack, bringing further the atmosphere of the world to life.

The game is scheduled to release on 25th July across PC, PS4, and Switch.

Have a look at its gameplay trailer below:

Songbird Symphony is being developed by Singaporean outfit Joysteak Studios, which was founded in 2017 and consists of three brothers. British indie publisher PQube Limited is handling publishing duties for the game. We know them as the publishers of Cat Quest, which released in 2017.

For more information on Songbird Symphony, have a look at the developer’s official website here.

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