SteamWorld Quest is a card-based RPG; coming first to Switch later this year

After Dig and Heist, the newest SteamWorld game is Quest. It’s a role-playing game with turn-based and card-based battles. And of course, steampunk robots.

Image & Form has announced its next SteamWorld game at the Nintendo Indie Highlights showcase. No, it’s not another Dig game – you’ve already had two of those, don’t get greedy! Instead, the studio is venturing into the world of role-playing games with SteamWorld Quest.

Like previous games in the franchise, SteamWorld Quest features steampunk robots. However, unlike Dig’s Western theme or Heist’s spacefaring, you’ll instead find yourself in a medieval-ish fantasy world. There’s even a steampunk robot who looks like a frog, and honestly, that’s great. Frogs are great. Robots are great. Frog robots? Great.

Have a look at the debut trailer:

The game’s combat is based around using card decks, so it does remind me of Book of Demons, which came out very recently. As for what else to expect, why, there’s “gold, dragons, vivid worlds, magic, knights in shining armor as well as XP, turn-based battles and all that good RPG stuff”.

Of course, as a member of the SteamWorld family of games, it has rather big shoes to fill. Mastering one genre of games is hard enough; will Image & Form succeed at three?

There’s no release date for SteamWorld Quest at the moment, but it’s expected to release sometime this year for Switch. It will release on other platforms at some point, but we don’t yet know on which ones, or when. The developer’s previous game SteamWorld Dig 2 also debuted on Switch, but made it to other platforms in a scant few days.

For more information on the game, have a look at the official website here.

Another announcement we saw at the Nintendo Indie Highlights showcase was the release date for Wargroove. If you’d rather stick to RPGs, see what’s new with our review of YIIK: A Postmodern RPG.

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