Enter the darkest region of Sunless Skies yet, as Eleutheria has been added to the game. You’ll have to wait a bit longer for the full release, though.

Sunless Skies has a brand new region, although shiny it is not. Eleutheria is what it’s called, and it’s a dark, scary world full of dangerous foes and many new adventures. Gear up your steam locomotive and hope for the best, then. Have a look at the trailer below to get a taste of the new area:

In addition to the new region, Failbetter Games has announced a delay to the full game’s release. Although the original Kickstarter for the game had suggested a mid-2018 release, it seems that we’ll only see the game next year. Presently, the studio expects to release Sunless Skies in January 2019.

The delay comes about out of a desire to do more work on two new areas for the game. The game will also see improvements to the survival mechanics, particularly Condition and Terror.

Failbetter says that the above enhancements could really be ready by November or December, but given the crowded nature of game releases around that time, the release was pushed back to next year. The extra time will be used for UI improvements and such.

For more details, particularly on the new region Eleutheria, check out the announcement post over at Steam.

Sunless Skies comes from the developer of Sunless Sea, as well as its predecessor browser game Fallen London. Sunless Skies is presently available in Early Access for PC, Mac and Linux. Check out the official website here.

For a taste of what to expect, you might want to check out Sunless Sea first.

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