Tennis Ninja: Revenge of Pong is available for download on the Google Play Store and soon to be on the App store.

Now that Andy Murray has finally become world #1, all the pundits are wondering how he has been able to elevate his game this year. We have a pretty good guess – he must be playing Tennis Ninja: Revenge of the Pong.

Tennis Ninja is a mobile action game inspired by 1970’s Pong. It is a game that demands sharp reflexes, timing… and not much else. The twist on the Pong formula is that you are a ninja bouncing a shuriken and, in replace of swinging tennis racquets, you swing katanas. It is essentially two highly trained ninjas fighting in a hallway.

Tennis Ninja

You and the opposition begin with 10 lives and, just like in Pong, in order to win you must get your shuriken past the enemy ninja. When undergoing this gladiatorial battle there are 14 power-ups that you can collect by bouncing the shuriken into them. These power-ups vary from multiplying the number of shurikens thrown, to providing teleportation powers.

Battles escalate in intensity as the match wears on with the increasingly unpredictable speed  of the shuriken. There is a satisfying physicality to gameplay, with the sound of the katana clattering with the shuriken providing a very visceral sound, as well as there being stunning fatalities. The game has visuals that provide an attractive simplicity that at times are not too dissimilar to other games such as Crossy Road.

Tennis Ninja Trailer

Your narrative context, not that you really need one, is that you must defeat the evil Ninja Clan. This malevolent force massacred your clan and kidnapped your puppy by playing tennis of death – truly the most heinous of acts. It is down to the player to learn the dark arts of being a tennis ninja before time runs out – or in other words, your mobile battery dies.

Become the greatest tennis player in Ninja history and download the game from the Google Play store.

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