Clash of Kings -The Biggest Game You’ve Never Heard Of

Clash of Kings

Taking it’s rightful place in the majestic realm of video games

Leading interactive entertainment company Elex today presents top real-time strategy war game Clash of Kings. Available to download for free on Android, iOS devices and PC platforms, Clash of Kings is already enjoyed by over 65 million players from 155 countries worldwide and has been voted 5 stars by more than 760,000* users since the first release onto Android just over year ago.

With over 800 global servers offering cross-server gameplay, the hit videogame has already placed top 10 in 80 countries. It has been localised in 17 different languages including Hungarian, Czech, Japanese, Spanish and Vietnamese, and held a number 1 spot in one of the largest gaming communities in the world – Russia.

Peng Yue, Chief Producer at Elex said: “We’ve had success all over the world and now we’re bringing the game to even more players. It’s been incredible that the game has been so well received, with positive player reviews and the number of people actively playing Clash Of Kings, it’s a testament to the quality of the game.”

“We’ve a huge marketing push planned so look out for your favourite stars playing Clash Of Kings. Our upcoming TV campaign shows some of the graphics that have impressed gamers the world over.”

“We look forward to more people playing Clash of Kings for free. It’s great to hear player feedback so we can continue to grow and reward our community, we’re constantly developing new aspects of Clash Of Kings, improving our game to enhance the player’s experience.”

In Clash of Kings players have the ability to explore a beautifully designed medieval world and stand tall among allies and enemies in one of the most unforgiving PvP battle mechanics this genre has seen. PvE battles are also an integral part of gameplay and, based on players levels, monsters will await a fierce battle with your Kings’ army.

Fans of war strategy titles can benefit from a free to play system, while offering in app purchases, and will not be held back when gathering resources organically to build their empires over time.

clash of kings 3

“We’re a premium games provider and players will have access to a high calibre gaming experience that’s free to play. We focus on delivering the highest quality, rewarding customers with an incredible gaming experience to keep them coming back. We encourage players to ‘clash’ with one another, forge alliances, build troops, weapons and explore a land full of monsters in the wilderness, whilst defending what is rightfully theirs through time and/or money spent in the game.”

Whether forging long lasting bonds or pitting armies against the fiercest rivals, commanding the most powerful heroes or building the grandest empire, fans of the fantasy strategy realm can take their rightful place on the Clash of Kings throne.

You can view the full ‘Dragons are Coming’ trailer here:


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