Australian indie studio The Voxel Agents has announced The Gardens Between, a game about two friends who fall into surreal gardens and bend time itself.

Gardens are pleasant. Friendships are usually pleasant. It seems like a good bet, then, that a game about gardens and friendship should be quite pleasant. The Gardens Between is the newest game in this rare niche of gardens-and-friendship games genre, and dare I say the first. It follows friends Arina and Frendt as they fall into gardens growing around objects from their past.

The Gardens Between is free of any of those pesky words, and features ambient music by Tim Shiel. It’s a combination that makes the game out to be a calming, relaxing adventure that looks visually fresh: both in its artistic design and the way that design is realised. The gameplay seems to match that, having you solve puzzles and control the flow of time. We’ve seem time manipulation before in games like Braid, so it should be interesting to see what The Voxel Agents do with the mechanic.

While story details are somewhat scant, we do know that solving the game’s puzzles unlocks more of the story. Said story revolves around the bittersweet themes of growing up, learning to let go, and learning what should never be left behind. It should be interesting to see how The Gardens Between manages to convey these themes without spilling any words. I’ve got a feeling the devs might just get it right: after all, they’ve put together a great trailer that says a lot without using any words. Have a look below.

The Gardens Between is expected to release in the final quarter of the year. It’s presently being targeted for release only on PC and Mac. You can check out its official website here. The game’s Melbourne-based writer Brooke Maggs is also keeping a scrap book of development progress over at this Tumblr.

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