With Halloween around the corner, spooky decorations are being put up, sweet supplies are being replenished and some folk are out on a hunt to find a scary movie. But what about a scary game?

Some may already be familiar with the online horror legend known as Slenderman. A creepy character that was established in a forum that asked people to “Create Paranormal Images”. If you are not familiar with this then great, it may make your Halloween a bit more interesting.

After the forums gave birth to the idea of Slenderman, Parsec Productions took it on themselves to create an atmospheric indie horror game. This was released for free on the following website:


Slenderman Image 1

Now whether you like free games, enjoy a scare yourself or want to instil fear into your friends and family. Then I recommend you, no, I dare you to play Slenderman.

The game itself is very straight forward; you have one objective, which is to collect the 8 pages. What makes this simple concept a great experience is the atmosphere of the game. After collecting more pages, you will notice the audio get creepier, you will hear footsteps and your brain will tell you things like,” I wouldn’t go in there”.  But then you have to go in there because that is where a page is located.

Slenderman Image 2

My experience with Slenderman is fun but brief. It was one of those games I played a couple times before wondering why I was doing this to myself.  I did however keep it on my computer for anytime I had a friend visit, because people’s reactions can be so brilliant to watch. Just turn the lights off, turn up the volume or use headphones and be prepared to be creeped out even if you are watching someone else play.

Enjoy the game, have a great Halloween and if you need more Slenderman in your life, then don’t say I didn’t warn you. Based on the free version, here on Steam you have a new more refined version of the game:


Rokas Butkus

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