The Occupation was slated to release in a matter of days, but has been pushed back by a few months instead. Here’s a look at the new release date.

Developer White Paper Games has announced that its sophomore effort The Occupation has been delayed by a few months. Although it was supposed to release in a few days from now, the game will now instead on 5th February 2019. That seems like far away, but it’s only four months from tomorrow. We also know now that the game will launch on PC, PS4, and Xbox One: both digitally and in boxed copies.

We last had a look at The Occupation when it was officially announced in March last year. As an adventure game, The Occupation has you strolling about and exploring the literal halls of power. The twist is, events in the game unfold in real-time over a course of four hours. This means that the world won’t wait for you to solve puzzles like in the case of most adventure games. As a whistleblower journalist, your actions during these dynamic four hours will affect the lives of British citizens.

Over at the official blog, White Paper Games hasn’t specified what brought about the delay, other than it needing ‘tweaks and improvements’. It’s understandable, though, that a real-time game like The Occupation would require intense focus and polish.

Have a look at a recent trailer for the game below:

White Paper Games is based in Manchester and their debut game was the excellent Ether One, a science-fiction walk-em-up that dealt with mental illness. That one released in 2014, and the studio has been dedicated to serving up The Occupation ever since.

For more narrative-driven games about ol’ Blighty, consider the Victorian spacefaring of Sunless Skies. If you’d rather stretch your (virtual) feet instead, have a look at the insurance investigation game Return of the Obra Dinn.

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