Ron Gilbert’s return to Maniac Mansion-style point-and-click madness, Thimbleweed Park, now has a release date for most platforms. Here’s when it comes out.

According to a new blog post on the official blog, Thimbleweed Park will be releasing on 30th March. The release date is only applicable to the game’s PC, Mac, Linux and Xbox Live versions. According to developers Terrible Toybox, other platforms will soon follow. So far, the only platforms announced other than the ones confirmed for release are iOS and Android. It would sure be swell as a Switch title though, if you think about it.

Thimbleweed Park is a very retro-style point-and-click adventure game, in the vein of the Maniac Mansion or The Secret of Monkey Island. It’s even being made by two of Maniac Mansion’s creators: Ron Gilbert and Gary Winnick. You know it’s taking its retro roots seriously when you have a grid of verbs right there on the screen. None of those simple look/use controls—you’ll have to decide whether you want to pick up the roll of toilet paper or have a conversation with it. Have a look at the well-bleeped-out trailer, for instance.

Adventure games like The Secret of Monkey Island lived or died by the quality of their plot and humour, and it will be no different for Thimbleweed Park. This time around, Gilbert and Winnick take on the well-trod set-up of a pair of detectives investigating a very strange town. Apart from these two, you’ll also be able to play as and switch between “a cursed clown, a disinherited game designer, and the ghost of pillow salesmen”.

Even if point-and-click adventures have gotten more serious over the past decade, Thimbleweed Park will be sticking to the goofy, bizarre, anything-goes style that defined Maniac Mansion and the Monkey Island games. Even apart from its mechanics, its very themes and style look ripped out of the late 80s or 90s.

We’ll find out how whether the game’s retro sensibilities hold up when the game launches next month.

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