Set in 1970s Alabama, To Azimuth is an adventure game about mental health, war and the paranormal. I’m not saying it’s about aliens, but it’s about aliens.

A recovering addict named Eli Windham has gone missing and his sister Susannah is out to find out what’s happened to him. This is the seemingly innocuous start to a surreal adventure in development at [bracket]games, the developers of the excellent Three Fourths Home. It’s titled To Azimuth, and it’s going to take you back to the 1970s, a time of funky pants and alien abductions.

In the game, you can play as either Susannah or her estranged brother Nate, who she convinces to help search for Eli. Although the game is influenced strongly by The X-Files, it’s firmly rooted in its 1970s setting and its story will touch upon the Vietnam War, the Civil Rights Act and classic sci-fi themes.

While [bracket]games has deliberately avoided revealing too much about the gameplay, it is known that there will be logic-based puzzles, dialogue choices and lots of exploration. Much of the exploration and information-gathering will be optional, but will have an impact on the game’s story even so.

The game will also feature an interesting character sharing feature, which means that you can save your character’s choices and share them with other players. This means that your version of Susannah might affect the story of another player’s Nate, should you share.

To Azimuth’s appearance bears a strong resemblance to the brilliant Virginia, which came out last year and was a similarly surreal adventure inspired by The X-Files, albeit it was silent and set in the 1990s.

To Azimuth is purportedly in development for PC, Mac and Linux and has a Steam page here. It’s had a slew of release dates, but according to publisher Digital Uppercut’s website, it should release some time in 2018. Although the Steam page lists Digerati Distribution as a publisher, it’s unclear how that company is connected to the game at present.

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