You haven’t controlled a tank if you haven’t had it rocket jump and stick to walls. Treadnauts is an arena fighter in which only the wildest play wins.

Tanks are notorious for how bulky and brutish they can be, but Treadnauts flips that on its head. In this wacky competitive arena fighter, you control a tank that can rocket jump, stick to any surface and boost while in air. It’s more than a little nuts, and it’s got a colourful cast to play as. The game has recently entered Early Access, so you can get your hands on it even before it’s done.

Here’s the Early Access launch trailer:

Here’s what you get in the Early Access version of the game:

◦ Four playable zones, each with unique mechanics and physics objects
◦ Couch competitive mode for 2-4 local players
◦ Online multiplayer for single pilots or duos (Beta!)
◦ Single-player Target Test mode with medals and global leaderboards
◦ 20+ funky modifiers to shake things up!

That’s right! Modifiers! Just in like the old Unreal Tournament games!

The game features an ever-changing soundtrack by artist King Felix, and the overall gameplay loop has a progression system to it, so no match will be wasted.

Treadnauts is being developed by Seattle-based team Topstitch Games, which was formed last year. This is its debut project. The game has already won a few awards, namely iFest People’s Choice Award and the Best Multiplayer Game at Casual Connect. It was also a finalist at the Seattle Indie Game Competition.

Treadnauts is expected to release sometime in summer 2018 for PC, Mac, Linux and unspecified consoles. Keep in mind that the Early Access version is only available on PC and Mac for now. Check it out here, and check out the official website here.

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