Got an old PAL Commodore 64? You could dust it off to play a conversion Vlambeer’s high-speed arcade air combat game Luftrausers. It’s even on cartridge!

Indie developer Vlambeer has released a ‘demake’ conversion of its arcade air combat game Luftrausers onto an unexpected platform: the Commodore 64. If you happen to own one of these antiques in working condition, you too could enjoy the conversion, LuftrauserZ.

For you younger readers out there, the Commodore 64 was an immensely popular computer released in 1982, featuring a whopping 64 KB RAM and a processor that ran just short of 1 megahertz.

The conversion was developed by C64 enthusiast Paul Koller and published by Vlambeer in collaboration with RGCD.Dev. The conversion retains the gameplay and colour scheme of the original game, offering blitzy 8-way arcade action across 60 missions. The game is only compatible with the 50Hz PAL version of the Commodore 64, so NTSC owners are out of luck.

LuftrauserZ is available in both digital download and cartridge form. The cartridge version comes with all kinds of goodies, such as a manual and a poster. If you download the game instead, you can play it via emulator on a modern PC, Mac or Linux system. You can also get the downloadable version working with a real C64 using hardware such as the 1541 Ultimate II or Turbo Chameleon.

Head over here for the digital download version of LuftrauserZ, and here for the cartridge version. We don’t quite have a trailer for the C64 conversion of the game, but you can check out a trailer for the original game below.

The original Luftrausers was released on PC, Mac, Linux, PS3, PS Vita and Android. Here’s the official website.

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