The developer of the Blackwell games and publisher of Gemini Rue is set to release a new supernatural adventure next year. Here’s a fresh look at Unavowed.

Wadjet Eye Games, the prolific developer behind the Blackwell series of point-and-click adventures, as well as the publisher behind such excellent games as Gemini Rue and Technobabylon, has spun up the PR machine for its newest title. While Unavowed was announced a while ago, we’re now seeing the first trailer for the game, which is a supernatural adventure set in New York City. The studio has also announced that Unavowed will launch sometime in 2018.

Here’s the plot, straight from the developer:

With dark forces hell-bent on destroying New York City, it’s always been up to the Unavowed to keep the evil in check. For centuries this supernatural squad has quietly protected humanity by driving hungry demons back into the shadows. But something has changed. Their age-old methods are no longer working. New blood is required to protect the mundane world from a threat stronger than any these crime fighters have faced – and that’s where you come in.

The game takes some inspiration from Dragon Age: Origins and lets you play one of three origin stories, which include both male and female protagonists. There’s also four companion characters to choose from.

Like other Wadjet Eye games, expect full voice acting and developer commentary. One thing you shouldn’t expect though, is the same old crummy resolution. No sirree, Wadjet Eye has finally upgraded to to a resolution of 640×360.

Like most other games from Wadjet Eye, Unavowed will launch on PC. No Mac or Linux have been explicitly announced yet, but given the company’s track record, they’ll probably show up at some point.

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