11 bit studios has revealed new details about its upcoming game, Frostpunk. There’s a new trailer to go with the details, too.

New previews have emerged of 11 bit studios’ Frostpunk, which we last heard about when it was announced last year. According to Eurogamer, the game is a city builder set in a post-apocalyptic world of endless snow. Yours is the final city left, and your reign will determine the survival of society itself. Survival appears to be not only a strong theme, but a gameplay consideration as well. Speaking to Destructoid, 11 bit studios has coined the game’s genre as ‘society survival’.

These themes are not very distanced from 11 bit studios’ best known game, This War of Mine, in which players managed the lives of civilians in a war zone. As in that game, Frostpunk will deal with questions of morality and explore what people are capable of doing in desperate situations of life and death. The leading question of the game seems to ask what you are willing to sacrifice in the name of survival—on a societal level. As lead designer Kuba Stokalski puts it in the Destructoid preview, “One of your responsibilities is to make sure that society as a whole survives, not just individuals.”

There’s a new trailer out for Frostpunk as well, and it involves plenty of frost (but a disappointing lack of punks). It’s got a glimpse of the sort of steam-powered city you might end up building in the snowy wastes. Interestingly, the sort of expeditions depicted in the trailer are also an option in the game.

Frostpunk will release on PC in the latter half of the year, following a fuller reveal some time in June. 11 bit studios hasn’t ruled out console versions of the game, but aren’t committing to anything right now other than making the best game they can.

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