Bleak Americana adventure Where the Water Tastes Like Wine has revealed the full line-up of wordsmiths who will contribute to the game’s surreal writing.

In the past few year’s, we’ve encountered something of a renaissance when it comes to games that combine travelling with wordy storytelling. Of course, stories and journeys are frequent travel companions (pun intended), so games like Kentucky Route Zero, Sunless Sea and 80 Days are only scratching an itch that’s been present since the dawn of human communication. Where the Water Tastes Like Wine follows in this tradition, and it’s trying something fresh: its 16 characters will be written by a different writer each, and some of the names might be familiar.

In a series of posts on the game’s official blog, developers Dim Bulb Games revealed the 16 writers that will put their words in the mouths of the characters that you will encounter as you explore the game’s version of the United States of America over the course of a century. Here’s all the writers contributing to Where the Water Tastes Like Wine:

  • Gita Jackson
  • Cara Ellison
  • Jordan Minor
  • Mari Landgrebe
  • Claris Cyarron and Silverstring Media
  • Leigh Alexander
  • Sydney Meeker
  • Anne Toole
  • Stuart Arias
  • Jolie Menzel
  • Austin Walker
  • Demian Diné Yazhi’
  • Emily Short
  • Matthew S. Burns
  • Laura Michet
  • Duncan Fyfe

While each of the writers will no doubt bring a particularly unique flair to the character they write, there are a few names here I’m tempted to raise the hype for. Cara Ellison, for one, went from terrific game criticism to designing narratives and most recently worked on Dishonored 2. Leigh Alexander is another critic with a prominent career in game criticism, while Austin Walker is the Editor-in-Chief of Waypoint. Gita Jackson is a prominent contributor to Kotaku, while Johnnemann Nordhagen has worked on the BioShock series as well as Gone Home (he was one of the founders of Gone Home’s studio, The Fullbright Company, which has since rebranded to Fullbright).

Where the Water Tastes Like Wine is planned for release some time later this year, and will be developed for PC and Mac, with other unspecified platforms to follow.

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