Team Jolly Roger’s upcoming game Worbital is answering the most gripping sci-fi questions, such as what happens when planets become cosmic cannons of chaos.

There’s something innately exciting about Worbital. It’s a game in which you take control of not a person, not a squad, not an army, but an entire planet. In the struggle for universal survival, your planet has been turned into one giant cannon firing at other planets. Needless to say, pesky gravity and the very nature of the solar system get in the way of your artillery pursuits. Will you be able to defeat the other planets and become the number one space cannon?

Developer Team Jolly Roger is very committed to this vision of future warfare, having previously explored similar space artillery combat in 2015’s Interplanetary. This time, they’re taking a decidedly less realistic take on the same theme. Perhaps the most notable change is that while Interplanetary encouraged a slow, methodical approach with its turn-based gameplay, Worbital will be have real-time combat. Expect plenty of space chaos as you fire away at your orbiting foes.

There’s a lot more strategy involved than seems apparent at first glance, though. You’ll be collecting resources to upgrade your planet, firing at enemy planets to wear them down and expose their vulnerable core, and even colonising other planets to give you a tactical advantage.

While you can always have a go against the AI, the game should be especially fun when played against friends. Worbital will have both local and online competitive multiplayer.

Worbital is scheduled to release sometime in Summer 2018 for PC and unspecified consoles. Check out the official website here.

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