After debuting on PC and PS4 last year, Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles is now headed to the Nintendo Switch. It’s bringing a new feature with it, too.

With the Trump administration in the US taking a rather harsh look at violent video games, we’re seeing a fitting reply with the news that Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles is headed to the Nintendo Switch. There’s no release date announced just yet, but developer Prideful Sloth promises that the game is ‘coming soon’. The price has been set to $29.99 digitally and $39.99 on retail.

The Switch version of the game will be largely identical to the PC and PS4 versions, but will come with a Photo Mode. You can now take pictures of the land of Gemea and share them with your friends. This feature with ‘debut’ on the Switch, so it seems safe to say that it will arrive on other versions of the game later.

There’s also a new trailer out, to celebrate the Switch announcement.

Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles is set in the land of Gemea, which is slowly being taken over by an evil murk. You have to drive it back, but you’ll do so in a non-violent way. As you explore Gemea, you will make friends with the residents of the place, as well as help them out and master a variety of professions like farmer, tailor, and chef. There’s also plenty of adorable animals to befriend, if that’s more your thing.

The game comes from Brisbane-based developer Prideful Sloth, which is composed of former Rocksteady Studios members.

For more information on the game, have a look at our previous coverage. Have a look at the official website, too.

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