What’s the big idea?

IND13 has been created to serve the indie gaming community and gain attention for indie games. We cover everything Indie Games: Game Releases, Development and Games Industry.

Our aim is to cater to anyone interested in the field of independent games development; developers looking for good reading, people interested in independent games development and fans of indie games.

For us Indie is an attitude, not dictated by team size or budget, but a way of creating, thinking and being. Independent games development is creative, innovative and original. 


Our content is broken down into News, Previews, Reviews, Features and Crowdfunding. Which include Interviews, Opinion, Guides, Tips and Walkthroughs.

We also offer indie developers of any size a great chance to achieve placement on our site through our write an article section which lets them submit their own content.


We’re interested in developing mutual beneficial partnerships with businesses and organisations in the games industry. We currently don’t offer display advertising on the site, we’ve found that through working with partners directly we are better placed to serve our community.

We offer placements within our crowd funding section for revenue share based on the additional attention we can gain for developers looking to launch their projects. We offer unique sales opportunities through our email newsletters that provide tracked codes to our development community whereby we can monitor all purchases and share revenues.

The development community can also support and contribute to our business by committing to regular donations through our Patreon page and signing up for an account to input to the site.

The Team

IND13 was founded by six members of the games industry who saw that independent gaming development was not receiving the coverage in magazines that it deserved.

The team currently operate under the stewardship of Harry Cole as Editor. The nucleus of our team is based in the UK but we have a team stretching the globe.

We aim to cover independent gaming news primarily from the UK, US, Europe and Asia, but also from all other gaming territories.

The IND13 brand is protected through a Registered Trademark in the UK.