Advance Wars-like tactics game Tiny Metal to release later this month

Sony Music Entertainment’s Unties label has announced that Tiny Metal will release in only a couple of weeks. Have a look at this military tactics game.

Miniature bang-bang simulator Tiny Metal missed its original November release date, but it’s got a new release date that’s exactly one month after the previous release date. Now, the game is scheduled to release on 21st December, which is only in two weeks’ time. The release will be simultaneously across PC, PS4 and Switch.

Tiny Metal is heavily inspired by the classic Advance Wars series of games for Gameboy Advance and DS. Much like them, Tiny Metal is all about compact, turn-based tactics where you guide your troops into war. The theme is fairly light-hearted, so don’t expect a grimdark theme. Still, the game’s story promises to explore important questions about what is worth fighting for.

In the game’s campaign, you play as the Artemisian lieutenant Nathan Gries, who must command his troops into war against the Zipang shogunate, which looks like its entirely composed of baddies. Along the way, Nathan is supported by Commander Wolfram, who is the leader of a military mercenary group called the White Fangs. The developers promise 20 hours of campaign gameplay.

To celebrate the new release date, the developers have put out a new video in which NieR: Automata director Yoko Taro shares his thoughts about the game. They are… interesting to be sure.

Finally, if you’re in Anaheim, California on December 9th or 10th, you can get your hands on the game right then and there at PlayStation Experience 2017. Get a taste of the game over at Booth #41, which is the Unties booth.

Here’s the official website for the game, and here’s the Steam page.

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This Article was written by: Rahul Shirke

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