An adventure through the space in Earthlings The Game

Earthlings The Game has launched on Kickstarter and looks like being one of those games that you don’t want to miss backing.

CriCri Entertainment unveils, after two years of development, its pixel-art game Earthlings. Based on its own vision about an alternative galactic world.

To give you a brief synopsis, nowadays the moon is inhabited by a civilisation called “Selenites”, which has almost the whole solar system under their control. They act as protectors of the humans and Earth itself. The discovery of a planet at the outer Kuipers belt, and the weird events that took place, are the starting point of the adventure that develops.

The game is self-defined as a mix of roguelike, hack & slash, with a classical adventure mindset, in which you will need to solve various puzzles and uncover the true story. Designed in the ever fashionable pixel art fashion, it has a certain charm that draws you in.

In Earthlings you will live an adventure where you will travel through space exploring different planets. You visit ancient lost temples of unknown alien civilisations full of ancient and secret mysteries. All leading to an adventure in which you discover that humans are not the “only” earthlings, and the world and Solar System are not what you believed they were.

When it launches, it will be available on Windows, Mac and Linux, so that it is available to all gamers out there.
So checkout out the pledges on the Kickstarter campaign, and give it your backing today.

This Article was written by: Lee Smith

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