Alder’s Blood gets limited-time-only demo after Kickstarter funding success

Stealth tactics game Alder’s Blood has hit the 100% funding mark on Kickstarter, and now you can play a demo of the game (if you’re swift).

Developer Shockwork Games has announced that Alder’s Blood has been fully funded over at Kickstarter. To celebrate, the devs have released a demo version of the game that will be available only for a limited time. You’ll find links to the demo over at the Kickstarter update page.

Following the $12,000 goal, the Alder’s Blood Kickstarter campaign will now enter stretch goal territory. As revealed in the update above, the first stretch goal has been set for $13,000 and involves a new vampiric theme, a new enemy type, and the ability to blind hunters.

The next goal is set to $17,000, and on hitting it, Shockwork Games will focus on the player’s camp. In this stretch goal, players will be able to upgrade their camp, encounter special events within the camp, and also fortify regions with hunters’ hideouts.

Here’s an announcement video for Alder’s Blood, coming from publisher No Gravity Games:

There’s a very distinct Bloodborne-y flavour to Alder’s Blood, which is perfect really. If From Software and Sony won’t give us another game in the twisted, gothic world of Bloodborne, then indies will have to seize the day (or night) yet again.

Here’s what the game is about:

Alder’s Blood is a grim and dark stealth tactical game with the turn-based combat focused on avoiding enemy ambushes and setting up your own.

Ride with your crew of hunters on a quest to kill your god.
Use stealth and tactics to overcome the never-ending onslaught of monsters, the manifestations of your god’s decay.
Manage your scarce resources, venture out with your fellow companions and explore the remnants of the world in search of the means for mankind’s survival.

As per the currently achieved Kickstarter targets, Alder’s Blood is expected to release in the first quarter of 2020 for PC and Switch. You can wishlist it on Steam here. Even better, you can directly fund the making of the game on Kickstarter (but only for the next 8 days).

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This Article was written by: Rahul Shirke

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