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Prepare for a thrilling and fruity adventure in AvoCuddle, a 2D platformer that’s equal parts cute and compelling.

Developed by Ramez Al Tabbaa, this charming game packs tons of fun. Playing as the adorable avocado AvoRa, you must go on an epic quest to rescue your true love, AvoLn. Despite its cutesy visuals, AvoCuddle promises a gripping and emotional story, exciting action, and impacting music and sound effects. As an adorable and googly eyed avocado, the world can seem like a dangerous place. However, with the right amount of skill and precision, you can travel through the cosmos on an hopeful journey of romance.


One day during a nice countryside stroll, AvoRa and AvoLn encounter a crazed foe with a flying spaceship, who abducts AvoLn and escapes. Determined to reunite with his soulmate, AvoRa gears up for a lengthy adventure to rescue her. Players will embark on this colorful and action-packed adventure, exploring interesting scenery and beautiful alien worlds. From lush hillsides to creepy and dank caves, AvoCuddle takes you to some pretty interesting locales.


Gameplay in AvoCuddle is a fun mixture of side-scrolling platforming, precision shooting, and “Metroidvania” exploration. As you explore the game’s expansive levels, you’ll need to complete tricky jumps with confidence and speed. Luckily, AvoRa is equipped with a helpful double jump, as well as the ability to wall-hop. In addition to being a super agile avocado, AvoRa can also yield a cool variety of futuristic weapons. You’ll definitely need some firepower if you want to survive, as the world of AvoCuddle isn’t always as cute as it might seem.



There’s plenty of reasons to fully explore while playing, as AvoCuddle has a few mechanics to keep things fresh. As you play the game, you’ll discover some locations or areas that cannot be reached yet, requiring you to return once you’ve acquired the proper piece of gear. In addition to finding important gear in the levels, you’ll be able to purchase items and upgrades at the shop by using coins you’ve collected. It’s always smart to stock up on med-kits and upgrades, as you’ll always be able to earn more coins by defeating enemies.


AvoCuddle is a fun and exciting 2D platformer with plenty of reasons to keep coming back for more. With an appropriately cuddly art design and quick-paced action, AvoCuddle is both lighthearted and exciting. The story is pretty simplistic, but provides good motivation to keep moving forward. Generally speaking, there’s something for everyone in AvoCuddle!

The game is already available on Steam on the following link:

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