Black Friday Deals 2019: 5 stores with the best discounts on indie games

Black Friday is almost upon us, and stores are going all-out with sales. We’ve picked some of the best places to get discounts on indies.

We’re a little over a month from the year ending, and that means you’ve got to stock up on a bunch of quality indies to keep you warm. Have a look at the Black Friday promotions going on at the stores below and get yourself some fine indies at even finer discounts.


Steam 2019 Autumn Sale

Steam’s Autumn Sale (or Spring sale, depending on which side of the equator you live), might be the biggest sale of them all, on account of its enormous library of titles. Naturally, that makes this our first port of call. Check out the website here, and also check out the handpicked discounts below.

Epic Games Store

Epic Games Store sale 2019

Next up, we head to Steam’s most high-profile competitor, the Epic Games Store. It’s got a number of titles you won’t find on Steam (yet), which makes this another place you should check out early. Have a look at the sale page here, and our handpicked discounts below.

Humble Store

Humble Store sale 2019

Humble may be best known for its bundles, but don’t ignore the Fall Sale that’s going on right now. This is a great place to find DRM-free games too, although not all games will have that option. Have a look at the website here, and our favourite discounts below.


Fanatical sale 2019

Fanatical has its Black Friday sale revved up even before it’s Friday (which is how all holidays should operate). Have a look at the website here, and keep an eye out for their flash deals and bundles.

Green Man Gaming

Black Friday Sale Green Man Gaming 2019

Green Man Gaming is our final entry in this list, and their sale ends on the 3rd of December. Have a look at the website here.

To keep on top of games coming out this week, have a look at our weekly round-up. Also have a look at the fighter-platformer Ultimate Reality, which has a crowdfunding campaign that’s live now on Indiegogo.

This Article was written by: Rahul Shirke

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