Blacksea Odyssey to sail and dismember its way to the Switch next month

Forget Mario and Assassin’s Creed, the real odyssey game you (probably) need is about a spacefaring harpooner. Blacksea Odyssey for Switch is coming soon.

Blacksea Odyssey originally came out over two years ago, but now, Digerati is bringing it over the Switch. The game will be made available via Nintendo eShop on 20th December, so you can spend your Christmas harpooning ultra-massive space monsters. You know, just like Grandma wanted you to. At launch, the game will have a 20 percent discount.

Here’s the deets on the game:

Once a decade, the greatest huntsmen in the universe gather to compete in a legendary tournament known as the Blacksea Odyssey. Steeped in blood, ancient treasures, and a madness that wills them to delve deeper into the black abyss, these huntsman compete for a chance to claim the ultimate glory of facing a creature of such insatiable ferocity and magnanimous size that its wingspan has been said to stretch across galaxies while it’s breath consumes black holes. A creature rumored to exist only in legend, the Titan of the Stars!

  • Rip Apart Enemies Piece by Piece: Eviscerate enemy creatures by ripping them apart with your harpoon.
  • Fully Destructible Everything: Blast through fully destructible environments with your spear or harpoon.
  • Twitch based Action-Packed Combat: Reminiscent of classic top-down shooters mixed with modern RPG and rogue-like mechanics.
  • Hardcore Rogue-like Elements: Featuring permadeath, procedural levels, and incredible replayability.
  • Massive Bosses: Battle against colossally scaled bosses dwarfing several screen sizes.
  • Expansive Customization System: Forge millions of runic modifications for your spear and space-board.

Blacksea Odyssey is presently available on PC, Mac, Linux, PS4, and Xbox One. Check out the game’s official website here.

Know what else the Switch has? Try The Walking Vegetables on for size, if you’d to go shooting up veggies. Also have a look at Alwa’s Awakening for some 8-bit style platforming.

This Article was written by: Rahul Shirke

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