Blues Folklore Meets RPG in Delta Legend

Gut Games Studio has gone live on Kickstarter with Delta Legend, a fantasy RPG set in the myths and legends of the Blues.

Delta Legend follows three demons who enlist the help of The Bluesman to restore order to their home, Pandemonium. Music and combat magic must be used to overcome enemies, and the stories of famous Blues musicians contribute to the game’s narrative. Centred around the fabled crossroads as the point of intersection between human and demon worlds, Delta Legend features a large open world with a surreal animation style. Pandemonium boasts over 30 villages and 100 types of demon. Success in Pandemonium affects life in the human world’s Delta City, where the player can try to get a record deal with the musical skills they hone throughout the story.

delta legend

Gut Games Studio plan to collaborate with contemporary Blues musicians to create an original soundtrack for Delta Legend, and plan to use Kickstarter success to achieve this goal. Delta Legend’s Kickstarter will be live for 45 days, starting December 29th, with a goal of €40,000. More than €6,000 has been raised in the first few days of the campaign.



  • Open world RPG inspired by Blues folklore.
  • Plans for an original Blues soundtrack.
  • Surreal artwork and a play style that incorporates music.

You can fund Delta Legend on Kickstarter. For more information, check out Gut Games Studio on Twitter and Facebook.

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