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Tough Zebra App, now live on Kickstarter

Letters screenshot

Letters is an adventure about finding the right words; now on Kickstarter

Described as a ‘written adventure’, Letters is about a Swiss girl as she makes choices...
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Metal Mind screenshot

Metal Mind is a roguelite about robot-to-robot battles; now on Kickstarter

In Metal Mind, robots have been stripped of consciousness and now battle each other as...
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Necrofugitive is a dark platformer about a shapeshifter; now on Kickstarter

In Necrofugitive, you play a mysterious prisoner who can transform into a Slaughter Demon. It’s...
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3 Minutes to Midnight screenshot

3 Minutes to Midnight is a LucasArts-style adventure; now on Kickstarter

Quirky humour and puzzle solving will abound in 3 Minutes to Midnight, a classic-style adventure...
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This Dead Winter screenshot

This Dead Winter is about a fox looking for its lost cub; now on Kickstarter

This Dead Winter has you playing as a fox in a devastating winter, in which...
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The Wind and Wilting Flower screenshot

The Wind and Wilting Blossom is an FTL-ish roguelike; now on Kickstarter

Set in a supernatural version of Heian-era Japan, The Wind and Wilting Blossom has you...
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Savior screenshot

Savior is a promising action game with a ton of options; now on Kickstarter

In Savior, you are out to unite the planet, and that means whacking people, or...
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IND13 launches on Patreon

IND13 launches on Patreon

The Home of Indie Gaming IND13 launches on Patreon, the site which allows fans to...
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Alder's Blood screenshot

Alder’s Blood gets limited-time-only demo after Kickstarter funding success

Stealth tactics game Alder’s Blood has hit the 100% funding mark on Kickstarter, and now...
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