The Wind and Wilting Flower screenshot

The Wind and Wilting Blossom is an FTL-ish roguelike; now on Kickstarter

Savior screenshot

Savior is a promising action game with a ton of options; now on Kickstarter

In Savior, you are out to unite the planet, and that means whacking people, or...
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IND13 launches on Patreon

IND13 launches on Patreon

The Home of Indie Gaming IND13 launches on Patreon, the site which allows fans to...
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Alder's Blood screenshot

Alder’s Blood gets limited-time-only demo after Kickstarter funding success

Stealth tactics game Alder’s Blood has hit the 100% funding mark on Kickstarter, and now...
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Pamali screenshot

Pamali is a horror game based on Indonesian folklore; currently on Kickstarter

StoryTale Studios is seeking funds on Kickstarter for its upcoming horror game Pamali. Get spooked,...
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The Good Life screenshot

The Good Life Kickstarter inches towards Switch stretch goal on final day

Deadly Premonition creator’s The Good Life has hit its funding goal on Kickstarter. With mere...
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My Uncle Merlin

Wizardly space adventure My Uncle Merlin now on Kickstarter with demo

Wizard’s apprentice (and nephew) Eddie explores the depths of space in a dragon-powered tower. Discover...
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The Good Life -DOGS- screenshot

Swery’s The Good Life gets a version where everyone turns into dogs

Deadly Premonition director Swery’s next, The Good Life, is being crowdfunded right now, and it’s...
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Claws of Furry screenshot

Ninja cat beat ’em up Claws of Furry seeks backers on Kickstarter

Beat up rats, dogs and crocodiles in Claws of Furry, a roguelike beat ’em up...
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Scorn Part 1 of 2 screenshot

Explore a nightmarish Giger-esque world in Scorn, now up on Kickstarter

A shooter-adventure game in two parts, Scorn is seeking €150,000 to finish the first half...
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