Jotun: Nintendo are taking players to Valhalla

Eco - Planet

No man’s… Eco system

Eco, developed by Strange Loop Games, is a global survival multiplayer game where it is...
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Shadow Over Isolation

Shadow Over Isolation: lovecraftian style horror

Shadow Over Isolation is a first-person adventure that looks to construct a narrative that avoids ...
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Russian Subway Dogs is on Kickstarter

From Spooky Squid Games, the creators of They Bleed Pixels, Russian Subway Dogs is a fast-paced arcade game...
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Guardians of the Rose Screenshot

Zelda-Inspired RPG Guardians of the Rose Now On Kickstarter

Open world Action RPG Guardians of the Rose cites inspiration from Zelda and The Elder...
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Post-Apocalyptic Survival MMORPG Edengrad Hits Kickstarter

Edengrad borrows from Mad Max and Fallout to create a post-apocalyptic world where you can...
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Storybook-Like Medieval Space Action RPG Fabular: Once Upon a Spacetime Now On Kickstarter

Take to space in your medieval spaceship as a young knight in a universe built...
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An adventure through the space in Earthlings The Game

Earthlings The Game has launched on Kickstarter and looks like being one of those games...
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Sim Betting Football is ready to save you money

Sim Betting Football is an unique and innovative video game which revisits and revamps classic...
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The Artful Escape of Francis Vendetti is on Kickstarter

Melbourne Devs, Beethoven and Dinosaur, have launched launch their first beautiful, hallucinogenic adventure on Kickstarter....
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