BitSummit 8th

BitSummit 8th is now open to game submissions from indie developers

LudoNarraCon key art

LudoNarraCon is returning in April 2020 to highlight narrative indie games

Love indie games with innovative narratives? There’s a convention for that. You won’t even have...
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IND13 - 2019 IND13 Awards

IND13 officially relaunches website dedicated to indie gaming

A year after a major hack infiltrated IND13, the home of indie gaming is back...
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A MAZE. / Berlin 2018: Interview with the festival director Thorsten S. Wiedemann

We visited A MAZE. / Berlin, the 7th International Games and Playful Media Festival, and...
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Upcoming Events February 2018

February 2018 White Nights Prague’18, February 13-14, 2018, Prague, CZ @WhiteNightsPrague #WhiteNightsPrague  The White Nights...
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Upcoming Events January 2018

A very happy (and eventful) new year to you all! Wow, is it already 2018?...
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Upcoming Events July 2017

Wow, time really flies if you have fun (or just being busy). We are in...
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Upcoming Events January 2017

A happy (and eventful) new year to you! Wow, is it already 2017? This can’t...
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If you’re going to San Francisco, then check out the Google Play Indie Games Festival!

An indie games event focused entirely around mobile games? Well, it’s ambitious, and it’s also...
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gamescom award winners 2016

If you hardly survived the gamescom like I did, then you might be interested to...
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