Are we living in a video game? - Juergen

Are we living in a video game? Interview with Juergen Schmidhuber

Sean Han Tani indie developer

2019 IND13 Award Winner Interview: Sean Han Tani

Sean Han Tani is the creator of the Anodyne games, and he’s also the winner...
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Shelter 2 animal indie game

Animal games: 7 indie games that let you wreak havoc as an animal

Goats, apes, sharks, and worst of all, geese—indie games have been all over the animal...
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Chernobylyte - Gameplay

Chernobylite: Interview with The Farm 51

Chernobylite is a survival horror game based around the events of the Chernobyl nuclear meltdown...
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October 2019 Indie games

Indie games from October 2019: 5 titles you have to check out

Last month in indie games, we solved mysteries, we solved puzzles, we solved hell, and...
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Tent City Dystopia: Alien Squatter Creator Interview

In Alien Squatter, a new RPG/sim available on Steam, players take the role of a...
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Toxicity in Gaming - Hazardous material

What is Toxicity in Gaming?

Toxicity is a term that has become very widely used in recent years, but what...
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Orwell surveillance indie game

Surveillance games: 6 indie titles to awaken the NSA agent in you

“I always feel like somebody’s watching me”, if you ask Rockwell. Check out our round-up...
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September 2019 indie Games collage

Indie games from September 2019: 5 titles worth checking out

Last month in indie games, we rode stylishly, ran from eldritch horrors, crawled dungeons as...
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PAX West Indie Conference

10 indie game events coming in 2020 that you can’t miss

2020 will bring in a number of indie game events and we’ve assembled a round-up...
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