Field of Glory Empires Indie screenshot

8 indie games with which to rewrite history (while you wait for Humankind)

Modern Wolf - Out There: Oceans of Time screenshot

Modern Wolf is a new publisher that’s all about ethical game development

Modern Wolf is a brand new indie publisher that’s committed to developer well-being and zero...
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Shadowgun Legends - Gameplay

Shadowgun Legends from MADFINGER Games: Interview with Roland Peters

This week we caught up with Roland Peters to talk about Shadowgun Legends, a Sci-fi...
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Take To The Skies In Thatgamecompany’s New iOS Hit Sky: Children of the Light

Sky: Children of the Light is a meditative journey through worlds of sun and cloud,...
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Luna The Shadow Dust screenshot

Luna The Shadow Dust is a charming, illustrated point-and-click adventure

Luna The Shadow Dust is a wordless point-and-click adventure with some marvellous art. It’s set...
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Beyond a Steel Sky screenshot, sequel to Beneath a Steel Sky

Beneath a Steel Sky to get a sequel titled Beyond a Steel Sky

The creators of Beneath a Steel Sky are creating a sequel to the now-25-year-old game....
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Apple Arcade screenshot

Apple Arcade is Apple’s game subscription service, coming later this year

Apple has announced a Game Pass-style subscription service that works across iOS, Mac, and tvOS....
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Hexologic screenshot

Hexologic gets a hefty free update for PC, iOS and Android; coming soon to Switch

Logic puzzler Hexologic has received a new free update that adds new levels, worlds, difficulty...
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Donut County screenshot

Donut County set to release on PC, Mac, PS4 and iOS later this month

Everything must fall into a hole in this puzzle game from Annapurna Interactive. Get the...
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Night Call screenshot

E3 2018: Night Call is a taxi driving game and a noir mystery all at once

Night Call has you playing as a Parisian cabbie trying to solve a murder mystery...
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