Orwell surveillance indie game

Surveillance games: 6 indie titles to awaken the NSA agent in you

Yaga screenshot

Yaga, the Slavic-themed action RPG, has a new trailer presenting Kikimora

The “creepy scarecrow lady” Kikomora is the newest character reveal for action RPG Yaga, which...
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Children of Lumera - Titles Screen

Children of Lumera – A 2D Fantasy Story Adventure

Children of Lumera combines the emotional symbiosis of a classical children´s book with an adventure...
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Neo Cab screenshot

Neo Cab – Review

In Neo Cab, we drive passengers in a city where driving is going automated. Did...
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Herogrinder: Tactical Combat Arenas

Herogrinder, the most brutal gameshow of the 24th century is a game like XCOM, but...
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cloud gaming - Shadow logo

Interview with Blade CEO Emmanuel Freund on Cloud Gaming

Cloud gaming has arrived. With mobile gaming operating almost exclusively in the cloud and Google,...
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IND13 - Relaunch

IND13 officially relaunches website dedicated to indie gaming

A year after a major hack infiltrated IND13, the home of indie gaming is back...
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Within - New Emma

Set off on a Magnificent Dark Adventure in Within

Within is a narrative-driven adventure mobile game which tells a dark adventure fairytale like story....
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Field of Glory Empires Indie screenshot

8 indie games with which to rewrite history (while you wait for Humankind)

Amplitude Studios’ Humankind won’t be out until 2020, but with these indie strategy titles, you...
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Modern Wolf - Out There: Oceans of Time screenshot

Modern Wolf is a new publisher that’s all about ethical game development

Modern Wolf is a brand new indie publisher that’s committed to developer well-being and zero...
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