Luna The Shadow Dust screenshot

Luna The Shadow Dust is a charming, illustrated point-and-click adventure

Dark Devotion screenshot

Dark Devotion is a side-scrolling action RPG coming out on PC this week

When it releases later this week, Dark Devotion will test your mettle (and your character’s...
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Foregone screenshot

Foregone is an action platformer inspired by Dark Souls and Diablo

  The challenging Foregone is inspired by the greats, and it will release in Early...
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Zombotron screenshot

Zombotron will strand you on an alien planet on PC and Mac next week

Run-and-gun shooter Zombotron is releasing next week, and there’s a new trailer to celebrate the...
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Vane screenshot

Vane to soar away from PS4 exclusivity and towards a Steam release soon

PS4 exclusive Vane, which released earlier this year, is making its way to PC via...
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Raji: An Ancient Epic screenshot

Raji: An Ancient Epic gets a new trailer and a 2020 release window

Raji is alive and kicking, as is evidenced by a fresh new trailer from the...
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Vambrace: Cold Soul screenshot

Vambrace: Cold Soul pushed by a month, will now release in May for PC

It looks like Vambrace: Cold Soul won’t be meeting its April release date. The game’s...
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Lair of the Clockwork God screenshot

Lair of the Clockwork God is a new PC adventure starring Ben and Dan

Size Five Games is back with its signature comedy adventure stars Ben and Dan. The...
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Forager screenshot

Forager set to release on PC, Mac, and Linux later this month

Humble Bundle is releasing Forager as soon as next week, but console versions will come...
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VA-11 Hall-A screenshot

VA-11 HALL-A will serve up drinks and waifus on PS4 and Switch in May

Next month, VA-11 HALL-A: Cyberpunk Bartender Action will finally start pouring up sci-fi alcohol on...
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