Halloween Forever

Halloween Forever and the man behind the game

Xenoraid: a riveting retro space shooter with 4 player co-op

Xenoraid should be a great game to enjoy with your friends. It is a vertical...
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Worldy Cup

5 Indie football game alternatives to FIFA and PES

Forever the conversation about football games has been – FIFA or PES? Despite having released...
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Gamerzeino Issue Two is out now!

Gamerzeino, the worlds best independent magazine for all things gaming (so say us), is now...
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Brigador – A first look and a chat with the devs

Brigador from Stellar Jockeys is a futuristic isometric shooter and is available now on Steam. ...
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The 64 Goes Global – With Your Support

After the revival of the Sinclair ZX Spectrum we now seeing another old home computer...
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Gamescom 2016 Welcomes Turkey as Partner Country

This is hot from the press news! As announced today in Istanbul at the Kristal...
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Infectonator: Survivors – Review. Fight the zombie virus!

The original Infectonator series of flash games involved spreading a zombie virus across the world. Now, Indonesia...
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The Future is Now: Back to the Future Day!

Remember, remember, well the 21st of October, 2015 – the day that Marty McFly traveled...
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My First Gamescom 2015

Some people warned me not to go there, as it is one of the most...
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