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This article is written to present ClusterPhobia (named that because of how suspicious towards clusters of objects you should be to beat the game) – my small experimental action puzzle game. It tells a little bit of how it’s played and what it’s about.

Basic background and gameplay basis

CP contains 31 levels, features gothic-like soundtrack. You play as a hipster-looking head – mix of a scientist and a sorcerer – and try to escape your own world of weird experiments. It’s an action puzzle where you figure out how to escape each level and try to execute it well and fast. Certain levels have different ways to approach – there’s always room for experiment!

ClusterPhobia Game

How to play ClusterPhobia

You shoot enemies, but do that carefully: bullets can also kill you. Moving and shooting are two separate mechanics that you need to always synchronize. Also, there are a lot of objects on the levels that are necessary to beat levels (they break walls, kill enemies that are otherwise unbeatable, etc.) – so you always need to know exactly when and where to shoot. You also have magnetic bullets that are necessary to remove magnetic walls on certain levels.

How it looks and sounds like

While making the art design, I was inspired by some slightly eerie cartoons of my childhood (such as Courage the Cowardly Cog, Rocko’s Modern Life, and so on), so my idea was to present a cartoonish horror with reasonably disturbing elements. Thus, enemies include (among others) Neanderthal heads with hammers and moles with numerous bleeding eyes. I also adore games like Comix Zone and Boogerman – they might have also inspired some elements of the art direction. Gothic-like soundtrack is also supposed to stress the atmosphere.

ClusterPhobia GamePlay

To sum up ClusterPhobia

This is my first game, I worked on it alone (except for my wife who wrote the soundtrack) – it is quite small and free. I tried to make a challenging game where you don’t only have to know how to move and which direction to shoot, but bare in mind how environment works and how to take advantage of it.

Below you can find links for itch and Game Jolt pages of ClusterPhobia, where you can download the game for free.

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This Article was written by: Ganin

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