Chernobylite: Why you should be excited

Chernobylite is an upcoming first person survival horror game from developers: The Farm 51. The Game takes place in the Chernobyl exclusion zone decades after the Nuclear accident, where a scientist named Igor is searching for information about his lost love Tatyana, whilst tackling the mysterious militant group the NAR.

Chernobylite blends several styles of game to create an experience which, if executed well in the final release, promises to be an unforgettable game. The gameplay has a strong survival element, reminiscent of games like Rust (Facepunch Studios). The player is tasked with keeping themselves and the members of their team back at the base alive, which means having to scavenge the maps of the game for resources such as food, chemicals, and electrical equipment, which can then be used to craft supplies and equipment at the base.

Chernobylite - Screenshot

And my experience with the unfinished version of the game hinted at many other exciting mechanics which I can’t wait to see in full force, such as a psyche system wherein certain actions (such as killing human characters) deteriorate the player-character’s psychological condition.

Each day the player can undertake a mission, as well as assign other members of their team on missions. The missions feel tense and engaging as you walk through the accurately recreated exclusion zone, trying to avoid radiation, enemy soldiers, and mysterious supernatural figures which stalk the levels.

Chernobylite - Game play

Visually speaking, the short section of the game I got to play was stunning, the forests and disheveled buildings look absolutely incredible, tempting the player to explore the vast depths of the game’s levels. The developers have said how integral to the tone of the game it was to make the level design depict the location in an accurate way. And the score perfectly complements the visuals and gameplay as subtle and beautiful music accompanies the player as they creep through the increasingly terrifying levels.

Chernobylite is set to release later this year on Windows, PS4 and Xbox One and is definitely one to watch for gamers looking for an interesting new experience. The expected release date for Chernobylite is Autumn of this year on all mentioned platforms.

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